What is WMG Foundation’s goal?

Our ultimate goal is to assist as many young entrepreneurs, artisans and innovative talents as possible when they meet their migration challenges.

Do you assist nationals of certain countries to come to Canada?

No, our help to people never based on their nationality. We never judge by the color of their skin, or by their religion or sexual orientation, but by their honest approach to their problems and need for help to move to a better safer life.

What do I need to do to be selected for your program?

We are a private organization and have obvious limitations when we apply for our assistance around the World. But, when we see any new application, we strive to arrange all possible help we can and within the shortest time possible. This way we never provide unrealistic expectations and false hopes.

How does the WMG Foundation help?

It depends on the category of applicants and the country you are requesting assistance from. We attempt to apply our resources as soon as possible. It can be a legal consultation, educational seminar or direct intervention into the migration process that went wrong.

What is the difference between becoming a Sponsor and being a Donor?

While the specific donations vary, we have created two major categories of support:
- Donors can make a donation supporting our ideas and work in general.
- Sponsors are those Donors who prefer to select any specific project, designated individual or area of concern for us to work with. Sponsor exercise their rights to "order and direct" our targeted efforts - as long as it fits our standards of service and level of integrity.

What kind of seminars WMG Foundation teach?

We are not "teaching" but educating people, entrepreneurial communities and different groups around the World. Our Seminars cover such topics as "Migration procedures and programs and how to select them", "From Temporary Visitor to Permanent Residency", "Serving people in need of protection", "Concerting Innovative business ideas into Immigration dream", etc.

I’ve already started the immigration process on my own and run into problems – can you help?

Absolutely! A good percentage of people we help found it very beneficial to get us involved in different stages of their immigration processing. We may be able to assist you if you have started the process on your own and you are now experiencing difficulties with Immigration Canada. Our clients in this category usually send us a list of questions through e-mail, and we send back a detailed response before we agree to represent them.

Can you help me to find the status of my file because we are waiting for two years now?

It’s not unusual for files to be “inactive” for two years, especially in high-volume migration areas of the World. But it doesn’t mean you don’t have a right to find out what’s going on with your application. We do research for such applicants on a discounted basis.

Can you assist me with the Immigration Appeal?

Yes, we do provide appeal assistance and we encourage every potential appellant to contact us as soon as they receive refusal notice to find if there is a valuable ground for appeal or some alternative route can be exercised on time. These issues are very time-sensitive and must be addressed in an urgent matter.

I’d like to use your services. How do we get started?

Contact us. In response, we’ll send you our detailed Questionnaire to determine your chances of success. This assessment is FREE for you.