Our Clients

Migrants outside Canada, newcomers in various neighborhoods across Canada, whose talents and business ideas need support and careful guidance.

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our sponsors

Respected partners and third parties that are taking an opportunity to collaborate and/or support a specific cause, seminar or project. See how to become our sponsor.

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Our volunteers

Volunteering at WMG FOUNDATION means working with different staff members in order to support the programs and services attended by clients or community members.

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Since 1993

our mission

The world migration exists for centuries. People move to countries like Canada to feel safer, to build a better future. This is what we are here for – to help those in transition and enhance the lives of those we touch! You can be part of this amazing process by helping us to help others!

world migration group mission
Donate for the cause

We are helping people with their migration issues in order for them to reach their desired destination and settle in a new environment safely. If you like our mission and want to support us in our daily actions, feel free to donate here. Today's donation can make a difference for either one person, or one family, or the whole community somewhere in the world.